Māra store is looking to provide comfortable fashion items that emphasize the femininity, class and chic style according to the needs of the modern women. 

Māra has its origins in Punta Cana and has a vision to expand across continents. With the online presence we are looking to serve many countries around the world.

Our store takes its name from the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology: Māra, Mother Earth, a feminine counterpart to Dievs (God). Other Latvian goddesses, sometimes all of them, are considered her assistants, or alternate aspects. Māra may have been also the same goddess as Mother of the Milk, mother of the souls/spirits, Mother of the Earth, and many other "mothers", like of Wood, Water, Sea, Wind. Māra is also depicted in Latvian mythology as the goddess of good fortune.
Māra reflects that goddess all women have inside manifested through fashion with their personal style.